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Name Date Unit
Model UTL-HK-004/2-M
Type Male
Colour Gray
Number of contacts 6
Length 84.5 mm
Width 34 mm
Height 42 mm
Standard IEC60664
Rate voltage(Power Area) 830 V
Rate current(Power Area) 80 A
Pollution degree(Power Area)
Rate impulse voltage(Power Area) 8 KV
Contact resistance(Power Area) ≤0.3
Min.connection capacity for solid wire(Power Area) 1.5/16 mm2/AWG
Max.connection capacity for solid wire(Power Area) 16/6 mm2/AWG
Min.connection capacity for strand wire(Power Area) 1.5/16 mm2/AWG
Max.connection capacity for strand wire(Power Area) 16/6 mm2/AWG
Torque(Power Area) 3 N.m
Rate voltage(Signal Area) 400 V
Rate current(Signal Area) 16 A
Pollution degree(Signal Area) 3
Rate impulse voltage(Signal Area) 6 KV
Contact resistance(Signal Area) ≤1
Min.connection capacity for solid wire(Signal Area) 0.5/20 mm2/AWG
Max.connection capacity for solid wire(Signal Area) 2.5/14 mm2/AWG
Min.connection capacity for strand wire(Signal Area) 0.5/20 mm2/AWG
Max.connection capacity for strand wire(Signal Area) 2.5/14 mm2/AWG
Torque(Signal Area) 0.5 N.m
Insulation resistance 1010 Ω
Mechanical woking life ≥500 Times
Housing meterial PC(UL94 V-0)
Metal meterial Copper alloy
Operating temperature -40℃~+125
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