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Name Date Unit
Model MU2.5H2L5.0
Pitch 5 mm
Digit 2,3 splicing
Length L=(N+0.5)*5.0 mm
Width 22.3 mm
Height 31.4 mm
PCB Hole diameter 1.5 mm²
Insulation material group
Complied standards① IEC
Rated surge voltage(Ⅲ/3)① 4 KV
Rated surge voltage(Ⅲ/2)① 4 KV
Rated surge voltage(Ⅱ/2)① 4 KV
Rated voltage(Ⅲ/3)① 250 V
Rated voltage(Ⅲ/2)① 400 V
Rated voltage(Ⅱ/2)① 630 V
Nominal current① 24 A
Complied standards② UL
Rated voltage② 300 V
Nominal current② 20 A
Min.connection capacity for solid wire 0.2/24 mm²/AWG
Max.connection capacity for solid wire 42472 mm²/AWG
Min.connection capacity for strand wire 0.2/24 mm²/AWG
Max.connection capacity for strand wire 2.5/14 mm²/AWG
Line direciton vertical to  PCB
Strip length 8 mm
Torgue 0.6 N*m
Insulation material PA66
Inflammability class UL94 V-0
Conductive piece of material Brass
Screw material Steel
Pressure frame material Brass
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