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Name Date
Style Push button with light
Model LA110-B4-BW3①②③
0perating condition Instantaneous type
Colour 1(White);2(Black)3(Green)4Red);5Yellow);6Blue
Electrical structure 6Direct type);7Resistive type);4Transformer type);
B(LED 24V)G(LED48-120V)M(LED230-240V)
Contact state of the switch element 1one open);2one close);
3two open);4two close);
5one open one close
Mounting hole φ22.5mm
0peration category AC-15,DC-13
Working altitude 2000m
Pollution class 3
Complied standards IEC60947
Ui Rated insylation voltage AC400V
Ith Conventional heating current 10A
Contact resistance 50mΩ
Mechanical life 3x105times
Electrical life 1x105times
Operating temperature -35℃~+40
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